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Does the glass hanger come off easily? See if you've done your maintenance right

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Hardware pendant can bear certain weight commonly in use process, add to press hard, pull pull or installation is not firm wait for a factor
Hardware pendant can bear certain weight commonly in use process, add to press hard, pull pull or installation is not firm wait for a factor, after a period of time, how much can appear loosen, fall off phenomenon. The expert inside line expresses, the installation of hardware is in ceramic tile shop is stuck normally after finishing, hole is drilled on ceramic tile, embed wooden wedge next hole in, reoccupy above with screw or expand screw to undertake hardware hang is fixed.
Hardware pendant material is different, also want to pay attention to slightly when installing. A lot of hardware is plastic aureate belong to layer, when installation cannot force twist, make its break otherwise, also do not hang to put wet towel to wait for overweight article in use process, break easily otherwise.
Hardware pendant is to hang on the wall commonly protruding come, not careful may be knocked against, because this its quality and installation are firm it is important all the more. At present, a lot of hardware hang are no longer pure metal product, and joined other material to pledge, for example we commonly used (single, double layer) vitreous platform, make up mirror, consumer is in choose and buy and when using, need to pay more attention to.
When the hardware pendant that contains vitreous product in choose and buy, must choose the product that contains toughened glass, also won't hurt a person after its loosen, slip or carelessly be broken so.
When using, wait in the environment of much water and humidity such as kitchen, toilet, on vitreous stage can put shampoo, shower gel to wait for heavier article normally. If there is water outside the object, it is easy to slip off when placed on the glass platform. Therefore, in the purchase of this kind of products, good choice with blocking products, to ensure that the above items will not fall injury. In addition, before use can see its instructions, pay attention to the limit of its large weight bearing, not overweight and cause safety risks.
Hardware pendant is used commonly in damp wei yu environment, a lot of products still can contact the article such as towel, underwear directly, accordingly, prevent rusting is its core quality problem.
The expert suggests, want to buy brand product as far as possible, the brand that has prestige can provide certain quality to assure period commonly, if the product appears the quality problem such as the rusting that does not make a person, come off welding, can undertake free repair or replace; On the other hand, the correct maintenance of hardware pendant is also very important. The detergents that can use a few acidity or alkalescent ununavoidable in wei yu environment, if hardware is stained with these liquid and did not get rid of in time is easy to be corroded bring about rust, because this is periodic rinse with clear water and wipe ability can assure its smooth and clean.
In addition, the material quality of hardware pendant is very important also, the material quality of main hardware on the market at present is aluminum-magnesium alloy and copper-plated chromium, aluminum-magnesium alloy has the advantage such as light and durable, high strength and anticorrosion, the style is very beautiful also, use however long meeting hair wu; The quality of copper plated chromium hardware will be affected by the thickness of the coating, coating is too thin easy to fall off, deformation, so the choice of regular manufacturers of products will be more assured.

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