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Clip spun glass

Name:Clip spun glass

Laminated glass also known as laminated glass, is sandwiched between two pieces of glass with a strong and rich thermal plasticity of many pieces of intermediate film or painting or silk or customers like the design. It is not easy to be penetrated under the impact, and the broken glass is not easy to fly away, suitable for family inside. Generally, it is two layers of 5mm glass with spun silk in the middle, with a total thickness of about 11mm.
The characteristics of
1. A good decorative role, and a wide range of USES, used for Windows, doors, desktop, decoration, etc.
2. The silk cloth in the interlayer can block the transmission speed of slow sound and reduce the noise.
3. High aging resistance, better than other products, keep the color for a long time, do not fade, do not change color.
4. It has the characteristics of safety glass. When the glass is broken by external force, glass fragments will adhere to the silk cloth, and will not fall off and hurt people.
5. It has the advantage of environmental protection.
6. Block and weaken ultraviolet rays to prevent damage to people.

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