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Flameproof glass

Name:Flameproof glass

Our fire window fire class C, its fire integrity of 1 hour. The window has the function of opening and closing sash manually, and the function of closing sash automatically controlled by heat sensitive element. In case of fire, the window sash in the open state will be triggered by the heat sensitive element, automatically close, blocking the flame. Execution standard It can meet the technical requirements of international gb16809-2008 "fire window", GB/T 8478-2008 "aluminum alloy doors and Windows" and GB/T 31433-2015 "general technical conditions for building curtain wall, doors and Windows". Note: fireproof integrity of Windows and doors: the ability to prevent the penetration of flame and smoke or the appearance of flame on the backside of Windows and doors in a certain period of time under standard fire resistance test conditions. Fireproof performance of movable fireproof Windows: unless tested in accordance with GB/T 12513 "fire test method for glass-inlaid components", the window sashes shall be closed automatically and reliably within 60s (including 60s) at the beginning of the fireproof test. The structure design Through the aluminum alloy profile system of fire reinforcement design and the organic combination of hardware, glass, seal and other fire subsystems, the formation of a unique fire system; Repeated opening and closing performance
Manual control sash opening and closing device, repeatedly open and close more than 30,000 times, movable sash can open flexibly.
Heat preservation performance
Through the combination of low-e insulating glass and broken heat aluminum alloy frame, the fire window reduces the heat transfer coefficient of doors and Windows, so as to achieve excellent thermal insulation performance and meet the energy saving requirements of different climate zones in China.
The sealing performance
Aluminum alloy fire window adopts three sealing, and the use of flame retardant EPDM tape, can effectively cut off the rain and air leakage, with good water and air tight performance.
Weather resistance
Aluminum alloy fireproof window USES high quality non-heat-proof fireproof glass, no bubbles under ultraviolet irradiation, the phenomenon of loss of permeability, overcome the traditional fireproof window weatherability is poor, can not be used for outdoor disadvantages;
Aluminum alloy fire window aluminum alloy surface USES weather resistant coating, can be used for a long time in the outdoor, do not fade, do not fall off, has the advantages of durability, corrosion resistance.

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