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Toughened glass

Name:Toughened glass


Tempered glass/Reinforced glass is safety glass. Toughened glass is a kind of prestressing glass actually, in order to improve the strength of glass, usually use the method of chemistry or physics, form compressive stress in the glass surface, when the glass bears the external force to offset the surface stress first, thereby improving the bearing capacity, enhance the glass itself to resist the wind pressure, heat and cold, impact and so on.

(broken tempered glass)

According to the shape

1. Tempered glass is divided into plane tempered glass and curved tempered glass according to its shape.

General plane toughened glass thickness has 11, 12, 15, 19mm and so on 12 kinds; Surface toughened glass thickness has 11, 15, 19mm and so on 8 kinds, the thickness after specific processing still should see each manufacturer's equipment and technology. But curved tempered glass has a radian limit for each thickness. That's what we call R, R is the radius.

2. Toughened glass can be divided into flat toughened and bent toughened according to its appearance.

3. Toughened glass is divided into excellent and qualified products according to its flatness. Excellent tempered glass for automobile windshield; Qualified products are used for architectural decoration.

According to the process

A physical toughened glass is also known as quenched toughened glass. It is to heat the ordinary plate glass in the heating furnace to the softening temperature of the glass (600℃), through its own deformation to eliminate the internal stress, and then the glass moved out of the heating furnace, and then the multi-head nozzle to blow the high-pressure cold air to the two sides of the glass, so that it quickly and evenly cooled to room temperature, can be made toughened glass. This kind of glass is in the stress state of internal tension and external compression. Once the local damage occurs, the stress will be released and the glass will be broken into countless small pieces.

Chemically toughened glass is to improve the strength of glass by changing the chemical composition of the surface of the glass, generally the application of ion exchange method for toughening. Its approach is to build the silicate glass containing alkali metal ions, immersed in molten state in lithium (Li +) salt, make the Na + and K + ion of glass surface with Li + ion exchange, Li + ion exchange forms on the surface, because the expansion coefficient of Li + is less than Na +, K + ions, thus causing in the process of cooling outer smaller and inner contraction is bigger, when cooled to room temperature, the glass is also in the inner tension, outer state of compression, the effect is similar to physical toughened glass.

According to the degree of toughened

1. Toughened glass: the toughened glass degree =2~4N/cm, the surface stress of the toughened glass of the glass curtain wall is ≥95Mpa;

⒉Semi-toughened glass: toughened degree =2N/cm, glass curtain wall semi-toughened glass surface stress 24Mpa≤ ≤69Mpa;

⒊Super toughened glass: degree of toughening > 4 n/cm.

Flat tempered and bent tempered glass belong to safety glass. Widely used in high-rise building doors and Windows, glass curtain wall, indoor partition glass, lighting ceiling, sightseeing elevator access, furniture, glass guardrail. Generally, toughened glass can be used in the following industries:

⒈Architecture, architectural formwork, decoration industry (e.g., doors and Windows, curtain walls, interior decoration, etc.)

⒉Furniture manufacturing industry (glass tea table, furniture matching, etc.)

⒊Home appliance manufacturing industry (TV sets, ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.)

⒋Electronics, instrument industry (mobile phone, MP3, MP4, clock and other digital products)

⒌Automobile manufacturing industry (automobile windshield, etc.)

⒍Daily use products industry (glass cutting board, etc.)

⒎Special industry (military glass)

As tempered glass breaks, the fragments break into uniform particles and there is no general glass knife-like sharp Angle, so it is called safety glass and is widely used in cars, interior decoration, and Windows that open to the outside of high floors.

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